Chilean cubensis spore syringe swabs and prints

Chilean Magic Mushroom
Chilean magic mushrooms: BackgroundChilean magic mushrooms are a great beginner friendly species since it grows in a wider variety of climates in natural settings, and is therefore more resistant to temperature and environmental change. The caps are medium and yellowish to golden brown in colour, usually with a dark ring towards the outside. The stems are slender, and cylindrical. Potency is well reviewed, with effects of euphoria, heightened self-awareness, and bodily vibrations.If you are looking to get up to speed on magic mushrooms, these articles on Frshminds will get you there in no time:Understanding and Measuring Magic Mushroom PotencyThe Taxonomy of Magic MushroomsMagic Mushroom Species vs. StrainPsilocybin Mushroom Anatomy 101Psilocybin Mushroom Species GuideChilean magic mushrooms: HabitatChilean magic mushrooms: Taxonomy/NamingGeneraPsilocybeSpecies NameCubensisSub SpeciesCommon NameChilean magic mushroomsChilean magic mushrooms: Physical DescriptionPileasMedium and yellowish to golden brown in colour, usually with a dark ring towards the outside.GillsSpore PrintSporesStipeSlender and cylindrical.

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