Where is my order? 

Most orders are shipped right away after payment is received, but you need to make sure you have sent the payment. This is important as most payment options require you manually send payment via whatever payment option you choose, after checkout. You will get an order number and confirmation, but you will not get your tracking number until we received payment. Your order number will be on the top of the confirmation page and in the confirmation email, you will receive. We manually verify all payments once a day, so we will ship you your order as soon as we received your payment...trust us. If you made a mistake, just order again... non-payment orders are automatically deleted after 10 business days. 


My cultures or spores appear to be contaminated, now what?  

All spores and cultures are supplied with a 30-day cleanliness guarantee.  Should you find any of our products contaminated with mold or bacteria please contact us with your original purchase information and we will make arrangements to replace your spores/cultures as per our sterility guarantee.  

 One last thing...

We do not sell mushrooms of any type on this site, we sell the products to grow them.  None of our products contain any sort of illegal substances and are legal to sell or trade everywhere.  This site does NOT sell spores or any product containing psilocybin or any other controlled substance. We really wish we could but current US banking laws prohibit selling these items, even if they are legal in many states. We tried, but every bank in the county has either turned us down or banned us completely...including PayPal.