Where is my order?

Most orders are shipped right away after payment is received, but you need to make sure you have sent the payment. This is important as most payment options require you manually send payment via whatever payment option you choose, after checkout.  You will get an order number and confirmation, but you will not get your tracking number until we received payment. Your order number will be on the top of the confirmation page and in the confirmation email, you will receive. We manually verify all payments once a day, so we will ship you your order as soon as we received your payment...trust us.   If you made a mistake, just order again... non-payment orders are automatically deleted after 10 business days.

How do I use an LC (liquid culture) syringe?

Here is some information from Mushroom Hobby. 

How do I use a spore syringe?

Here is an article that explains it well.

Do you sell Psilocybe or Panaeolus spores to residents of CA, ID, or GA? 

Miracle Farms will not process any request to these states for Psilocybe or Panaeolus mushroom spores. California, Idaho, and Georgia state laws may restrict the possession of these mushroom spores without first receiving proper permission from the applicable state agricultural or research advisory agency. We regret that any order placed requesting these items shipped to these states will be refused, voided, or refunded. Residents of CA, ID, and GA are not restricted from ordering any other items sold on our site.

I do not see any spores in my spore syringe?

Trust us, they are there...we check every 1,000ml of sterile, distilled water with our microscope to ensure each syringe contains millions of spores, evenly spaced out. You cannot see individual spores, you can see large clumps of spores if they are black (many spores are white and brown). Too many spores are not always a good thing...if we were to pack the syringe with spores, they would all clump together and could cause issues when you do your inoculation. So to ensure even distribution with every spore syringe we sell, we use a microscope. You can see these images on out product information pages.

 Mushroom Spore Count Slide  microscope mushrom spores 2

What is the best way to view my spores under a microscope? 

Spores are best viewed at 400x or higher magnification. Place a small number of dried spores into a small amount of water and then place a small drop of the resulting solution on a glass slide and cover with a glass coverslip. Excess water can be absorbed with the corner of a paper towel to prevent the coverslip from floating and drifting. Pre-made spore solutions in hypodermic syringes can be conveniently dispensed directly onto the slide. Spores can be accurately measured with a stage micrometer (a glass slide with a tiny engraved ruler).

What is the difference between a spore print and a spore/culture syringe? 

Spore prints are collections of spores taken on a sterile medium, usually clean paper or foil, under sterile conditions. The spores are collected by placing a mature mushroom cap on the medium and allowing the cap to release spores. The spores then adhere to the surface of the medium after drying and form a "print." Prints are often used directly to observe spores under a microscope. Spore syringes are simply a mixture of clean spores in a sterile solution. This allows for direct microscopic examination of hydrated spores. Liquid culture syringes of edible, medicinal, and novelty species contain living mycelium on a nutrient broth solution and are designed to allow the direct inoculation of healthy tissue into the substrate.

How should I store my cultures and spores and how long will they last? 

Liquid culture syringes should be stored in the clean Ziplock baggie in which they were packaged and placed in your fridge until planned use. Spore prints should be stored in the clean Ziplock baggie in which they are packaged. It is best to store this baggie in a refrigerated, draft-free location with low humidity. Spore prints can remain clean for many years if cared for properly. Spore syringes should be stored in a clean Ziplock baggie (like the one used in shipping) and placed in a refrigerator. Refrigerating the syringes increases the length of time the spores will remain clean and usable for microscopy (up to 4-5 months).

How can I start growing my edible and medicinal cultures?

It depends on the species you are attempting to grow and the skill level of the cultivator. We have prepared several cultures in convenient syringes that can be injected into pre-sterilized substrates for practically foolproof cultivation. Each edible, medicinal, and novelty species has its own requirements and should be well researched before ordering. We do not provide cultivation advice and highly recommend customers check out the books, information, and other resources offered by our friends at Everything Mushrooms.

Where do you get your cultures and spores from? 

Edible and medicinal cultures and spores are maintained by our skilled and qualified employees in our US labs. Psilocybin and Panaeolus genera spores are collected from wild specimens or provided via our experienced and qualified research associates in Jamaica and Europe.   We do not grow cubensis mushrooms inour labs or store nor do we offer support on how to grow them, sorry :(

How are spores handled before I receive them? 

Spore prints taken under sterile conditions are packaged in sterile baggies. The spores are never removed from their bag following printing. Spore syringes are created from clean prints in our positive HEPA pressure cleanroom laboratory and are shipped with the needle sterile. Culture syringes are prepared from a nutrient broth solution and stored at refrigerated temperatures before shipping.

Are these spores dangerous?

None of the spores sold by Miracle Farm's are dangerous. They do not contain any harmful chemicals, toxins, or dangerous compounds. They are not hazardous to your health. Spores from psilocybin genera species are offered for microscopy use only.

My cultures or spores appear to be contaminated, now what? 

All spores and cultures are supplied with a 30-day cleanliness guarantee. Should you find any of our spore or culture products contaminated with mold or bacteria please contact us with your original purchase information and we will make arrangements to replace your spores/cultures as per our sterility guarantee.

We ship to all countries!

Worldwide shipping makes us the most turned to mushroom culture producer/distributor in the world. If you can’t find it in your country, we have you covered and our shipping time is considerably less than what you may expect. 

One last thing...

We do not sell mushrooms of any type on this site, we sell the products to grow them. None of our products contain any sort of illegal or controlled substances and are legal to sell or trade-in in most states and countries worldwide

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